“I kept pushing to do better”: How Glenn Carvery paved his own path

Glenn Carvery’s path to construction may not have been traditional, but his perseverance, determination, and dedication to seizing every opportunity is what keeps his company running more than three decades later. What started as just a few buddies with a truck became a full-service construction company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Glenn began his journey in trade school, where he was studying to become a plumber. While looking for a work placement, Glenn took the opportunity to become a painter’s assistant. Not long after – along with his brother and a friend – Glenn started his own painting and decorating business with the help of a Nova Scotia small business loan. 

“We started out doing small units, and every time we did painting jobs it was always ‘could you nail a couple of new boards on that deck before you paint it?’ or ‘can you fix the trim on the windows inside my house?’” recalls Glenn. “I kept pushing to do better and please my customers. So that’s how we turned our painting and decorating company into a property maintenance company.”

Now, 34 years later, Glenn is the president of Carvery’s Construction Limited. With a project management course from St. Mary’s University under his belt, Glenn assists on everything from in-office duties to working in the field. And that’s how he likes it.

You’re never doing the same thing over and over,” Glenn explains. “There are all kinds of different advancements and always different aspects to learn. I like the interaction with my employees. It doesn’t matter how big you get. You just need to remember where you started and who supported you along the way.”

Support also comes from the education behind you. Glenn always encourages those starting in the industry to look into trade school and complete their Red Seal certification. 

“With trade school, it’s four individual blocks for four consecutive years before you become a Red Seal,” he explains. “Once you have that piece of paper nobody can take it away from you – same as a university degree.” 

Glenn has always been a fighter, pushing himself to do better, be better, and create a legacy for himself. With his successful career in construction, he’s been able to grab hold of opportunities that come his way and work in an industry he can be proud of.

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