“It’s really rewarding”: How Carolyne’s love of technology helped bring construction projects together

Carolyne has always been a big picture thinker and planner. From a young age, she knew she was interested in the construction industry, but she wasn’t sure what the opportunities were or where she would fit. She started her journey in architecture, but the more she learned about the math and science involved she realized there might be other opportunities that could play to her newly found strengths and interests in the numbers side of the industry. 

Carolyne transferred from architecture to engineering and began taking classes in innovation in construction. From there, things started to fall into place.

Carolyne is now the Innovation Manager for Research and Development for Special Projects at Pomerleau in Montreal, Quebec. A mouthful of a title, but one that covers everything Carolyne is passionate about. They use cutting edge technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to coordinate and work through the logistics of a job while robots are being tested for collecting everything from pictures to 3D scans on a construction site.

“I wanted to touch on all aspects of a project, especially before it starts,” says Carolyne. “When I started working at Pomerleau, I was involved in everything. I was coordinating projects and working behind the scenes to increase productivity and safety on the construction site. But my favourite part was working with the newest technology in our industry — and it still is to this day.”

At Pomerleau, Carolyne plays a key role in ensuring an entire project comes together as she is involved in essential phases like estimating, planning, scheduling, and project managing all through the lens of innovation. Along with her team, Carolyne helped develop tools and software to increase productivity and meet every milestone of a huge construction project currently in the works at the University of Montreal Hospital (CHUM). It’s an impressive project, one Carolyne is proud to be part of, as the team undertakes a major renovation, constructing outpatient clinics, offices, a library and amphitheatre to better serve patients at one of the largest hospitals in Canada.

We could see first hand how our tools were positively impacting the site,” says Carolyne. “Things were flowing well, and the work was easier as a result. When we can see the construction teams using our tools, and things are coming together, it’s really rewarding.”

The team that Carolyne works with is growing quickly, and the opportunities are becoming more and more diverse. To those considering a role in the industry, Carolyne offers some reassurances: “There’s a growing space in the industry for advanced technology — the kind you may not expect to see when it comes to construction. It’s an exciting time to bring new skills to the table.

The team is young and different backgrounds come together to bring fresh perspectives to the room. “We have engineers, architects, project coordinators…” says Carolyne. “But what is most important is your motivation. Do you want to change the industry with us?”

If the answer is yes, Carolyne knows there’s a place for you on the team.

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